Every impression is unique

I received a commission request right after I shipped "Boating on the lake" to New York. The request was to make a new version of this painting. 

I wondered how I could paint this scene again without making just a copy of the previous painting. Until now I never painted the same subject twice, and I believe that I could not make an impression of an impression without loosing the soul of the first version. A copy attempt would end in a stillborn painting. I don't expose or sell art that I don't feel good about.

So, I went back to the location "Forges-les-Eaux" to make new mental pictures (or say impressions) and also some reference pictures. It was a hot summer day, bright light, strong shadows and reflections. At the end of the day I collected everything I needed and made the painting in my head.

Without this painting in my head, I could not possibly paint an impression in watercolor. To paint watercolor you need a plan. 90% of the watercolor painting-process looks like a mess. But it has to be a calculated perfect mess.

It's just in the last 10% of the work that everything comes together and the painting becomes complete. If the build-up-mess is not right, the painting fails. I you do it right you end up with a nice piece of art.

Here is the demonstration video: