My name is Tyl Destoop and I'm a self-taught Belgian artist. I've also worked as a graphic designer for 20 years, doing graphic design, illustrations and animation. 

In 2015, when I was there on a holiday, I fell in love with the beautiful region of Normandy, France. So much that I even decided to go live there! Surrounded by the beauty of rural France, I was triggered to start painting again.

Being inspired by watercolor masters like Joseph Zbukvic, Alvaro Castagnet and Herman Pekel, I rediscovered my passion for watercolor. I love the way watercolor behaves on paper, like it has a mind of it's own. 

I've been creating art digitally since the day I started my career as a graphic designer. Choosing the medium watercolor to create art is a big step away from the safety of digital, where you can easily undo every mistake.
Watercolor pushes you to think fast and put the right strokes under the right conditions on the right place. Watercolor does not forgive a faulty stroke and demands that you master the technique for you to end up with a nice painting.